Lot Sales, Burials and Foundations

Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
Phone: (517) 651-5374
After Hours Emergencies: (517) 449-5749 (Dave Casler)

631 N. Shiawassee

Laingsburg, MI 48848

Cemetery Fees:

Laingsburg Cemetery/ Mt. Olivet

$400/$400 – Burial Plots
$500/$600 – Grave Opening & Closing Mon-Fri
$600/$700 – Grave Opening & Closing Weekends & Holidays
$150/$250 – Burial of Cremains Mon-Fri
$175/$275 – Weekends & Holidays
$50/$75 – Setting Fee (Footing) for headstones (per square foot)

Rules and Regulations

No lot shall be covered with gravel, wood chips or stone. The planting of ornamental trees or shrubs is prohibited. Plants that are or may become detrimental to the upkeep of such lot or adjacent lots, alleys or drives are also prohibited.

If any existing tree or shrub shall by means of its roots, branches or otherwise, become detrimental to adjacent lots, alleys or drives,it shall be the right of the Sexton to cause such tree or shrub or any part thereof to be removed, after the owner thereof shall have been given thirty days notice to remove the same.

Flowers and grave decorations are not allowed further than six (6) inches from the east side of the headstone, grave side only.Nothing shall be placed on the ends of headstones other than urns.

All flowers, plants and decorations must be grouped on the lot within six inches from the headstone(grave side only) so as not to interfere with the cutting of grass with a lawnmower. Only urns are allowed on the ends of headstones.

Any artificial flowers or plants must be enclosed in an approved container. Grave blankets are prohibited.

No lot or part of lot shall be enclosed by a fence,railing, coping or embankment, ditch, post or chains.Wooden, plastic or iron head boards, trellises, chairs or settees are prohibited. No planting of flowering bulbs allowed.

Shepard hooks must be centered on back (East) side of headstone.