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Building Official and Zoning Administrator: Rob Kehoe

phone: (810) 516-1191


About Building and Zoning Responsibilities

The City of Laingsburg is governed by ordinances and plans that propose the orderly development of land, capital improvements and concentration of different land uses.  The City is granted these privileges under State’s Municipal Planning Act, Public Act 207 of 1921.  In general, planning and zoning are closely related and regulate development – from residential to industrial. Zoning controls the intensity and type of development allowed in specific areas of the City. 

It is important that prior to purchasing, developing or altering property, that City Zoning Codes and Plans are referenced.   Before changes can take place, a site plan or other request may have to be made to the City Planning Commission or a variance may be required from the Board of Appeals on Zoning.  City staff acts as the liaison between residents and the City Planning Commission and Board of Appeals on Zoning.  Many residents and developers find it helpful to meet with City Staff prior to any improvements in order to determine if the City’s zoning code or the State’s building code will require any modifications or improvements.

If you are interested in meeting with City Staff to learn about the requirements for new development, construction, and renovation the City encourages you to schedule a preliminary design or conceptual review. These meetings are available at no cost and can help to significantly reduce the lead time for future permitting, planning or zoning requests! The City has developed a meeting procedure form and checklist that will help you gather and organize information for the meeting. This document can be found below titled “Conceptual Review Guidelines and Checklist.”

For more detailed information, please view the City of Laingsburg Guide to Planning and Zoning (PDF) — currently available through City Hall.   

Documents, Information, and Forms

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Zoning Map 

Planning and Zoning Guide

Full Zoning Ordinance

Conceptual Review Guidelines and Checklist

Master Plan Documents

Please contact City Hall for information at this time.  Check back soon for links to these documents.

Master Plan

Let Us Know How We Are Doing

Let us know how we are doing!

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