City of Laingsburg

Laingsburg Recycling

We are located at 7500 Woodbury Rd, Laingsburg. Open to all communities! Accepted Items: (clean, dry separated materials): -Newspaper and phone books -Tin and scrap metal -Aluminum (separate) -Corrugated cardboard (include brown paper bags here) -Boxboard -Mixed office paper and junk mail -Magazines -Books -#1 plastics, (bottles and jars—no clamshells, […]

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Home Heating Credit Information & Free Tax Preparation

About the Home Heating Credit Each year, the Home Heating Credit is available to Michigan residents through September 30. Over the past five five years, the average qualifying household received $209 in assistance, which is most often applied directly to residents’ utility bills—as is an additional automatic credit from select energy providers worth up to […]

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