City of Laingsburg

May 7, 2019 Election

Are you registered to vote? Head to to find out or call City Hall You can also view a ballot preview to better understand the proposals at above website

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Expanded SATA Services

Expanded SATA Services Now Available for City of Laingsburg Residents! Our City Council members have voted to join the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency (SATA) and Transportation Solutions Division (TSD) of SATA to help you get where you need to go!! What does this mean for you? Discounted fares of $1.50 […]

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Laingsburg Updated Parks & Recreation Plan

Laingsburg Updated Parks & Recreation Plan Are you having a problem with your video/cable television provider? If you are experiencing problems with your provider, you should first contact your provider and attempt to resolve your dispute with them.  If you are dissatisfied with the provider’s response, or the dispute is not […]

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