December 7, 2021

New Recycling Center to Open in December!

Recycling Information: 2nd Saturday of the Month 9am-1pm

The Greater Laingsburg Recyclers are thrilled to hold the next recycling drive in the new Greater Laingsburg Community Recycling Center on Saturday, December 11th, 9 am to 1 pm!   You’ll find us at 7500 Woodbury Rd. just south of Sage Market (look for our spiffy sign).

Recycling patrons will drive through the building and stay in their cars while volunteers unload their materials. Safety precautions will be taken. All volunteers will be vaccinated and wearing masks. We want everyone to have happy, healthy holidays.

We are currently accepting:

Newspaper and phone books
Tin and scrap metal
Corrugated cardboard (include brown paper bags here)
BoxboardMixed office paper (no adhesives), junk mail and magazines
#1 plastics (bottles and jars—no clamshells, e.g., takeout, berries and salad containers)
#2 plastics (milk jugs/cloudy separated from solid color containers)
Batteries; please separate into regular, rechargeable and lithium
Empty inkjets from Canon, Brother and HP

Not currently accepting:

Glass (but hope that will change in the future)
Plastic bags


The holiday season always seems to result in lots of trash—wrapping paper and ribbon, single-use plates, utensils, styrofoam, boxes, etc. This year please give some thought to reducing that waste, and to choosing gifts that are experiences, Fair Trade, made locally, or designed with sustainability in mind. Need some ideas? Watch for our guide to having a Green Christmas coming soon to FB.

Volunteering with the GLR, which is run completely by volunteers, is a great opportunity for community members, Scouts, honor students, and others looking to do public service.

As always, recyclers from any community are welcome. We rely on donations to cover our costs but they are not mandatory. For questions regarding what we take or more information about anything mentioned, contact Terry or Ellen Link at (517) 651-2005 or Beth Lange at (517) 651-6437.

Happy Holidays!

The Greater Laingsburg Recyclers

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