December 6, 2021

Recycling Center Construction Continues.

The dream of a recycling and waste reduction facility is becoming a reality! The Greater Laingsburg Community Recycling Center, being built on Woodbury Rd. just north of Old Grand River, is coming to life and will hopefully be ready for a grand opening soon (a very Merry Christmas?).

To truly fulfill the dream, however, will require more volunteers to staff expanded hours or attend to other tasks that may arise. The GLR hopes to get schools involved in waste reduction. We recently learned that some interested Laingsburg High School students, with whom we look forward to collaborating, have already formed an Environmental Club.
We’d love to see this kind of energy expand in our area. So please consider taking your commitment to the environment to a new level by joining us in this rewarding endeavor, even if it’s just for a few hours once or twice a year. Volunteering with the GLR, which is run completely by volunteers, is a great opportunity for Scouts, honor students, and others looking to do public service.
You can visit our website:( or Facebook page for more information, or call the numbers given below.
For questions re: what we take or more information about anything mentioned, contact Terry or Ellen Link at (517) 651-2005 or Beth Lange at 651-6437.